Safe Roads Alliance

Safe Roads Alliance was formed in 2006 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting safer driving.

Safe Roads provides educational services to all drivers on different aspects of driving safety, including: issues confronting teen drivers, older drivers, seat belt usage, and Distracted Driving.

 Safe Roads Alliance has also developed The Parent's Supervised Driving Program in an effort to reach out to parents of teens who hold a Learner's Permit. Getting enough, and the right kind of experience during this phase of driving has shown to be a critical factor in reducing teen crash rates. Parental involvement is important to that effort.

"Speak Up for Safety"

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This year, Safe Roads Alliance is observing Distracted Driving Awareness Month with an important Fundraiser.

Because children are often our greatest teachers, Safe Roads Alliance and are developing the "Speak Up for Safety" curriculum, an in-school 30-minute program for children in grades 2-4. 

Our aim is to keep our children, drivers, passengers and other road users safe through a thoughtful educational curriculum targeting our youth. Read more here to form a fundraising team, send us a donation, and share on social media.


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Safe Roads Alliance has developed The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to improve teen driver safety.

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