The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to Improve Teen Driver Safety

Safe Roads Alliance has developed The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to improve teen driver safety.

The premise is simple: Parents have tremendous influence on teen driving behavior, particularly during the required supervised driving phase of the driver’s training process. A recent study from the AAA Foundation found that parents are lacking the resources, knowledge and strategies to provide the optimal driving guidance to their teens.

Despite their best intentions, parents do not always:

a) model best driving behavior themselves
b) supervise teens in a variety of driving conditions and circumstances
c) stick with active teaching long enough for their teens to learn “higher order” skills such as looking ahead, detecting dangers, or anticipating the actions of other drivers.

As a consequence teens are too often ill prepared for the variety of conditions they face. This results in teens making poor decisions once the license is granted and they are driving alone, without supervision.

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program addresses these needs with a clear, step-by-step sequence of lessons created by the nation’s leading driver education experts. The Program reflects the best practices for learning basic, as well as higher order, driving skills.

Visit The Parent's Supervised Driving Program website at

The Program offers a mobile app called RoadReadyTM as part of its national effort to reduce teen crashes. RoadReady offers parents a tool to log the time they spend teaching their permitted teen to drive. Optimized for iOS7, RoadReady tracks logged drive times against the state Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) requirement for parents and teens to drive together for 30-70 hours before teens receive their driver’s license. RoadReady’s functionality offers parents an easy, efficient way to guarantee their teen receives the most experience behind-the-wheel, including allowing parents to:

  • Log teen Learner’s Permit driving time automatically with GPS
  • Manually enter previous drives
  • Monitor progress against state requirements
  • Log-in from multiple devices
  • Track multiple drivers
  • Record road type, weather conditions and distance
  • Export and print a driving log
  • Access suggestions for teaching safe driving practices
  • Receive badges for driving accomplishments

RoadReady also offers a distraction-free supervised driving experience – users can put the phone away while driving and resume the app experience once they park. 

Visit the RoadReady website for more information and to download the app.

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program is sponsorship supported and currently provided by DMV and state partners' licensing agencies to every teen learner's permit recipient at no cost to the state or to the parents.





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