Crash Coalition: Drop the "A" Word

Safe Roads Alliance has partnered with We Save Lives

Safe Roads Alliance has partnered with We Save Lives and its founder, Candace Lightner (also founder of MADD) in the Crash Coalition: Drop the "A" Word. It is an effort to get American's to stop using the word "accident" in reference to roadway incidents.

Crashes are almost always the result of driver error, poor decisions, negligent behavior and often crimes such as drunk, drugged and distracted driving. These events are wholly preventable, and should not be called "accidents".

Prevalent use of the word "accident" allows people to avoid responsibility for their role in crashes. Further, it allows drunk, drugged, distracted and negligent drivers the connotation of innocense.

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Driver Tips

Safe Roads Alliance believes that crashes are preventable if drivers are educated and are aware of the distractions they face behind the wheel. The following tips and suggestions are aimed at improving the quality of driver of all ages.

  • Bucks for Hang-ups – When we see drivers using their cell phones, we will offer them $1.00 if they agree to hang up and refrain from making calls or texting while they drive!
  • Quiz – Test your driving knowledge. Then challenge your friends.
  • Parents – Talk to your teen about safe driving — they value your opinion.
  • Elderly – It's a reality of life. Our skills as drivers change as we age.
  • Speakers and Presentations
  • Advanced Driver Training – Advanced driver training takes the student beyond their learning experience into skills that surpass traditional driver education.
  • Drive Smart – Tips and statistics that will improve the quality of driver at any age.
  • Teens – Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for 16-24 year olds at 48.5%.
  • Car Tips – Scheduled maintenance of our vehicles over time ensures that you're not only less likely to break down, but will have a safer ride overall.
  • Driver News


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