Auto Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of our vehicles over time ensures that you’re not only less likely to break down, but will have a safer ride overall.

Maintaining a Vehicle for Safe Operation

This is an issue that often takes a back seat through lack of time, finances or just plain denial. Scheduled maintenance of our vehicles over time ensures that you’re not only less likely to break down, but will have a safer ride overall.

Keeping your tires, brakes, and suspension systems in good condition can help you to avoid a col-lision and keep you free of injury.

The following websites are available to provide tips on keeping you and passengers safe while driving:

Keep Tires Up to Date

Check tread depth. Tread depth should not be less than 1/16 of an inch. Hint: use a penny. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, you need new tires. Keep tire pressure at recommended PSI (pounds per inch). Use snow tires in winter in areas where snow falls.

New Car Technology

There is an ever-increasing amount of safety technology in today’s cars. Features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and forward collision warning keep us all safer, but only if they’re used correctly. It’s important to understand how these advanced driver assistance features work and their limitations. A key point is to remember these are driver “assistance” features and not driver “replacement” features.

The easiest way to ensure you’re using everything right is to carefully review your car’s manual. Read about any features that are new to you and make sure you know how they work. If you still have questions, then reach out to the dealership so they can explain. Once you understand the technology, share that information with your teen driver so they understand it, too.

Check out this website for additional information:

More information

Seat Belt Usage

Wear your seat belt. It is safer. Seat belts save lives. You are less likely to be injured in an accident and will be better prepared to deal with an emergency situation if you are wearing your seat belt. If you need to take emergency action while driving, a seat belt can help to keep you better positioned behind the wheel so that you can more effectively maintain control of your vehicle. More information

Child Restraint Systems

This is a critical issue for parents with young children. Children should be placed in the back seat of the car in a car seat. This sounds like a simple solution, but children of different ages and sizes require different restraints. It raises questions about what type of car seat might be best. How do you know that your child is properly secured in the seat should an emergency occur?

The following websites provide pertinent information on child restraint systems, including child restraint laws:

Driver Tips

Safe Roads Alliance believes that crashes are preventable if drivers are educated and are aware of the distractions they face behind the wheel. The following tips and suggestions are aimed at improving the quality of driver of all ages.

  • Bucks for Hang-ups – When we see drivers using their cell phones, we will offer them $1.00 if they agree to hang up and refrain from making calls or texting while they drive!
  • Quiz – Test your driving knowledge. Then challenge your friends.
  • Parents – Talk to your teen about safe driving — they value your opinion.
  • Elderly – It's a reality of life. Our skills as drivers change as we age.
  • Speakers and Presentations
  • Advanced Driver Training – Advanced driver training takes the student beyond their learning experience into skills that surpass traditional driver education.
  • Drive Smart – Tips and statistics that will improve the quality of driver at any age.
  • Teens – Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for 16-24 year olds at 48.5%.
  • Car Tips – Scheduled maintenance of our vehicles over time ensures that you're not only less likely to break down, but will have a safer ride overall.
  • Driver News



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