Advanced Driver Training

Safe Roads Alliance is aware of the importance of good driving. We exist solely in an effort to improve driving and to promote driving excellence. While driver’s education provides a foundation for young and new drivers, experience and continuing education are the keys to driving smart.

We recommend that the driving experience be honed in a safe, hands-on, closed-course environment. Advanced driver training takes the student beyond their learning experience into skills that surpass traditional driver education. Professional drivers guide students through a series of drills. These drills include panic stops, emergency lane changes, and tailgating exercises and prepare drivers for real-life emergencies by keeping the experience safe, before the need arises in a real-life situation.

Our bottom line is to keep our roads safe and drivers driving smart.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 77% of fatal crashes are due to driver error. Nationwide, 43% of first-year drivers and 37% of second-year drivers are involved in crashes. Safe Roads Alliance has partnered with In Control Advanced Driver Training to help reduce these statistics. In Control Advanced Driver Training’s courses have been shown to reduce first year crashes to just 4.6%, as determined in a four-year study.

In Control Family Foundation has trained over 25,000 students in New England and has statistically reduced crashes in new drivers by over 70%. Advanced driver training classes are currently available at their North Andover headquarters and at other locations throughout New England.  

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